We are committed to providing an auction site that will rival the larger companies.

We want our customers to have an easy, simple and affordable way to Buy N Sell in their LOCAL area. With an auction listing from only £1.00, we hope our users will be able to Buy N Sell their items as soon as the auction has ended, or sooner with “Buy It Now” and “Offers” as options. We Will NEVER charge a commission for items bought or sold, which means if you sell the item outside this site it will only have cost you the listing fee. We are aware that users of larger, more established auction sites are stuck with high fees and charges and limited options if they sell the item privately.

At Buy N Sell LOCAL, we are keen to support LOCAL charities and give a little back to your community, so we are keen to cultivate relationships with any UK registered charities that wish to use our site, offering preferential listing fees.

We recognise that users have different reasons and needs for buying and selling, so we encourage our users to offer FREE LOCAL PICKUP or FREE Delivery within a certain distance. We feel this gives people the chance to Buy N Sell items much quicker than if buying from other parts of the country and waiting days for delivery on an item they could have picked up “TODAY”.

Here is a guide to our simple pricing structure.

£1 to list any item (except motor or property) for up to 30 days

£2 to list any item

(except motor or property) for up to 60 days (£1 for the item + £1 to have your item FEATURED)

All FEATURED items are prominently displayed on additional pages throughout the site.

£7.50 to list a Motor, Property or Business (Car, Van, Truck, Trailer, Caravan, Motorhome, House, Boat, Industrial Unit, etc)

We have a few simple rules. Any item found to contravene these rules will be removed, the user may be banned from the site without notice and the relevant authorities notified if applicable. Continued use of this site is acceptance of these rules.

1)   Only 1 item per listing.

2)   No firearms, knives, other weapons, banned or illegal substances and items.

3)   No Stolen or Counterfeit items.

4)   No Animals, Pets or Livestock.

5)   To register you need to be at least 18 years old. This is because only individuals over the age of 18 can form legally binding contracts under applicable UK law. If you are under the age of 18, you can use Buy N Sell LOCAL only in conjunction with, and under the supervision of your parents or guardians.

6)   Like us on Facebook (OK, this one is optional, but we would appreciate very much if you shared us with your friends). You can also share your posted auction on your favourite social media site, meaning you would only have to list it here and it shows everywhere else you want it to.

7)   Buy N Sell LOCAL reserve the right to remove any item which we feel is in contravention of these rules, without notice. We would only do this if we felt that it was in the best interest of the majority of our users.

8)   Continued use of our site is acceptance of our “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy“.