Why Buy N Sell LOCAL may remove your listing

Why Buy N Sell LOCAL May Remove Your Listing

To help protect our members, we created guidelines and policies describing items that cannot be listed on Buy N Sell LOCAL. Certain things may not be listed because they are:

  • Prohibited by law

  • Prohibited by Buy N Sell LOCAL’s policies
  • Any item that breaches Buy N Sell LOCAL policies or infringes on the copyrights of others may be removed. In addition, some listings are removed because the language or photos used in the item title or description breach Buy N Sell LOCAL policy. This means that some items you may have bought in a shop, or even possibly on Buy N Sell LOCAL, may not be allowed or could be removed due to listing policies.

Receiving a notice of listing removal – If you received a notice from Buy N Sell LOCAL regarding a listing removal, please read it carefully. It contains links to helpful information about the applicable policies.

Relisting prohibited or restricted Items – While there may be similar listings that have been or are currently listed on Buy N Sell LOCAL, this does not mean that they’re acceptable. If you feel that your item should not have been removed, you should not re-list it. Instead please contact Buy N Sell LOCAL by using the Prohibited or Restricted item link in the “If you disagree with the ending of your listing” section of this page. Continuing to list an item that has been removed could result in suspension from Buy N Sell LOCAL. You could also be subject to legal action in some cases.

Note: Buy N Sell LOCAL fees on listings cancelled due to a policy violation may or may not be refunded, depending on the policy violated and/or the seller’s prior (non)-compliance with Buy N Sell LOCAL policies.

Reporting a listing – If you see a listing that you feel may be prohibited by Buy N Sell LOCAL, contact us. we will investigate it. However, due to privacy concerns we will not be able to tell you about any actions we may take. The actions taken on an account are confidential and between Buy N Sell LOCAL and the seller.

If you disagree with the ending of your listing, you can contact us.

If we agree that your item was removed in error, we will credit your account with the listing fee in CREDITS so you will be able to re-list it.

Please review our prohibited or restricted listing policies and trade safely. If you still have questions regarding removed items or how to list items on Buy N Sell LOCAL, please reply directly to the notification email you received or use the links above.