Prohibited and Restricted Items

Before listing your item, make sure it’s allowed on Buy N Sell LOCAL and find out if there are specific rules and conditions on how it should be listed. See the list of prohibited and restricted items below and click the product category for information about the policies. Sellers also need to make sure that the sale of their item complies with all applicable UK laws.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. Any use found to be be in breach of these guidelines may have their account suspended or cancelled without notice.

Understanding the rules

Here are some things to consider when listing your items on Buy N Sell LOCAL:

  • Be sure to read ALL of our policies before listing items. Follow our guidelines and review our examples, where given, so you can Buy N Sell and reduce the likelihood of breaching any laws (note that examples are not an exhaustive list).
  • Our policies are based on applicable UK laws, they may also be based on input from our users and our own discretion, especially for dangerous or sensitive items. For example, see our offensive material policy.
  • Be sure to also read our rules for listings and our rules about intellectual property to check if your item has other guidelines that would affect your listing.

Prohibited items

These items may not be listed on Buy N Sell LOCAL:


Restricted items

These items may only be listed on Buy N Sell LOCAL under certain conditions:

  • Artefacts, antiques, cultural items and grave-related items

  • British titles

  • Catalogue sales

  • Charity or fundraising listings

  • Clothing, used

  • Contracts

  • Cosmetics, used

  • Counterfeit currency and stamps

  • Credit cards

  • Digitally delivered goods

  • Electrical and electronics equipment

  • Event tickets

  • Food

  • Football tickets

  • Gaming (slot/fruit) machines

  • Human parts and remains

  • Manufacturers’ vouchers

  • Plants and seeds

  • Postage meters

  • Property

  • Recalled items

  • Stocks and other securities

  • Tobacco

  • Travel

  • Unlocking software


Potentially infringing

These items may infringe certain copyrights or trademarks:

  • Rules about intellectual property – overview

  • Authenticity disclaimer

  • Bootleg recordings

  • Copyright basics

  • Enabling duplication of copy protected material

  • Items encouraging infringement

  • Mod chips, game enhancers and boot disks

  • Perfume and cosmetics

  • Recordable media

  • Replica, counterfeit and unauthorised copies

  • Software policies

Reporting policy breaches

If you see a listing that breaches Buy N Sell LOCAL policies, please report it by clicking the Report Auction link in the listing, or by clicking the Contact Us button in the Customer Support section. When a policy breach occurs, we email the seller and the bidders or the buyer to let them know that the listing has been removed from Buy N Sell LOCAL.